Welcome to AM LAW!

I am one of those people who knew from an early age what they want to become when they’ll grow up. For me, it was a lawyer, as you probably guessed. Therefore, after finishing my studies, I passed the Bar Examination and become a member of the Bucharest Bar from Romania. This was in 2008.

Ever since, my entire career as a lawyer has been built on a straightforward principle: my Clients deserve the best version of the lawyer that I can be. That led to always going the extra mile for my Clients, dedicating all the necessary time and not cutting any corners when helping them dealing with their legal situation.

One of the most important aspects for me is to show my Clients that I treat their legal situations as if they were my own, and I am always there when legal support is needed.

This is what I consider to be the essence of a premium legal service. This is what I offer to my Clients. Always, without any exception.

Looking forward to getting to know you and the company you represent!

Sincerely yours,



E.U. Lawyer and Founder of AM LAW